Shakira Gerard Pique

Shakira and her long time partner Gerard Pique are reportedly on the brink of splitting up, after the Colombian world wide pop star discovered the Barcelona soccer defender has been meeting up with someone else. While there are many details left to uncover, one question looms above all else. How dumb does a guy have to be to cheat on Shakira?


Shakira met Pique during the 2010 World Cup, and although they have never officially married, the couple have two children together. Recently however, it has been reported that he is living in a different apartment, and the relationship may have been in jeopardy even before this scandal. While the identity of his new fling has not been revealed, she is allegedly a twenty year old who works as a restaurant hostess in Barcelona where the couple lives. Pique is 35.

Shakira Gerard Pique


Just two years ago, Shakira reminded the world that she hasn’t lost a step when she wowed at the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Performing alongside Jennifer Lopez, a fellow pop star who has since gone through a cheating scandal and breakup with a high profile professional athlete, Shakira reminded everyone of her immense talent, and why she has been an international heart throb for the last twenty years. Well, everyone except Gerard Piquet apparently.

Shakira Halftime Jennifer Lopez


While it’s a dark day for Shakira and her relationship, it's a bright day for many a’ man around the world as their celebrity crush from the last two decades might be infinitesimally more attainable. And they know they wouldn’t mess it up like Gerard Pique.