Pre-sale tickets for Taylor Swift's upcoming 'The Eras Tour' went on sale Tuesday and fans were frustrated to find themselves in extremely long lines trying to purchase tickets. 

Taylor, who recently released her album Midnights, briefly held the top 10 spots on Billboards Hot 100, outdoing Drake who held 9 of the 10 spots back in 2021. So what's the price of seeing the world's most popular musical artist? Well, lots and lots of money, and time, as one poor woman on Twitter learned the hard way. 

The queue to purchase pre-sale tickets was 2,000 people long on Tuesday and the lines have not been moving. The drama even caught the attention of some lawmakers in Washington who called out Ticketmaster for their 'monopoly' on the ticketing industry. 

However, no one knows the pain of wanting to see their favorite musical artist more than Sydney Wallace, who waited in line for 8 hours without securing her tickets. She did however get charged fourteen times by SeatGeek before her account was ultimately frozen and she was down 9 thousand dollars. 

So if you're thinking of buying tickets for yourself or for a loved one, we wish you luck and hope you don't have to take out a second mortgage to afford the show.