The Hank Hill starter pack to make you say Oh Bobby

Hank Rutherford Hill is the fictional character and main protagonist in the animated series King of the Hill. Hank is the assistant manager of the local Strickland Propane company and lives in Arlen, Texas with his family. 

Hank Hill is a real man's man. With a classic look that can be yours for a good price. 

You may already have a few staples from Hank's closet, ie, the white shirt and jeans, but if you need a pair of black framed glasses and a new beer coozie, we've got you covered. So without further ado, here is the Hank Hill starter pack. 

If you want the swagged out Hank Hill pack, then we're sorry because today were doing the peoples work and giving you the true Hank Hill starter pack. 

Things you'll need if you want to complete this look. 

First, a white tee-shirt, preferably something cheap and something that comes in a pack. 

Second, you'll need some blue jeans, and not those tight boy jeans, but some classic cut, none faded American denims. 

And Third, you'll need someblack framed glasses, preferably something that will fit your prescription. 

Fourth, you'll need a wrist watch, something classic, but not too nice, there are so many options that we just went with something simple. 

Fifth, you'll need a pair of boots. Something sturdy, but classic, something nice but not too nice. We've selected a quality we feel comfortable with, but honestly this is more of a personal preference than not. 

Sixth, you'll need a beer coozie because well, that's what Hank Hill does, he drinks and sells yup, propane. You'll need one of those too, but sadly Amazon doesn't have the best deals on propane, but we did find something suitable. We'll leave the choice of belt up to you, cuz honestly, who doesn't already have a belt.