Okay, maybe it's not objectively THE GREATEST live concert movie of all-time, but it's certainly up there with The Band's 1978 masterpiece The Last Waltz (directed by Martin Scorsese), Prince's 1987 classic Prince: Sign O’ the Times (directed by Prince), and Pink Floyd's 1972 Live at Pompeii, though for me, it will always be the most watchable, the most inspiring, and the most larger-than-life.

'Stop Making Sense' was shot in December 1983 over three nights Hollywood's Pantages Theater while The Talking Heads were on tour supporting their fifth studio album, Speaking in Tongues. The entire concert was shot by Jonathan Demme (best known for later directing Silence of the Lambs) and netted a little over $5 Million at the box office. 

If you're looking for an individual song, here's the list:

Psycho Killer - 1:30

Heaven - 6:43

Thank You for Sending Me an Angel - 10:35

Found a Job - 12:55

Slippery People - 16:46

Burning Down the House - 21:13

Life During Wartime - 25:26

Making Flippy Floppy - 31:54

Swamp - 37:05

What a Day That Was - 41:37

This Must Be the Place - 48:09

Once in a Lifetime - 53:44

Genius of Love  - 59:25

Girlfriend is Better - 1:04:34

Take Me to the River - 1:09:46

Cross Eyed and Painless - 1:17:52