A fellow student noticed a handgun being carried by 17 year old Davian Weston which promptly led to a school lockdown and tense moments for students, parents, and school staff alike.

Weston was arrested and charged with two felonies, receiving a stolen handgun and carrying a concealed weapon.  Weston was also charged with a misdemeanor of carring a gun on school property.  

After he was arraigned News 8 Staff caught up with Weston and asked if he was sorry  for his actions.  Check out his unbelievable response:

Footage from the day the events unfolded is below:

Police refused to say if the gun was loaded or not citing the case was still under investigation.  Weston has no criminal record, according to the Ottawa County Juvenile Court.

There was no indication of a motive or possible attack from Weston's social media accounts, although his is Facebook page has not had anything posted on it in nearly 3 years.

A woman who identified herself as his mother said her son had found the gun, forgot he had it in his backpack and didn't intend to hurt anyone.

"A lot of the news stations left out a lot of the parts that played a role in it, that proves what really happened, so that's all I can say though," his mom said.

His mom said bullying played no role in the incident. 

"He hates it when kids get bullied," she said. "Everybody's totally flipping it around."

"I don't blame the parents for being scared, for their kids for being scared, all they knew was that somebody had a gun on premises, so I don't blame them," his mom said.