Tuna-gate 2021 is in full effect. According to a New York Times article, lab test results of Subway's tuna came back with "no amplifiable DNA." The lab went on to state that they could not identify the species. However in a separate test conducted by Inside Edition, lab results confirmed that 3 Subway restaurants in Queens, New York are indeed serving real tuna.

So real talk. Let's not act like Subway is a Michelin Star restaurant. This is fast food people. Nobody eats Taco Bell because it's authentic Mexican food just like nobody goes to Subway for a gourmet five-star sandwich.

My question is are these lawsuits and tests for real? Or is this just about internet stardom? Lest we forget the Jensen Karp/Cinnamon Toast Crunch ordeal.

The dude claimed to have found shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch box, but the bags had been tampered with and he wasn't cooperating with General Mills by any stretch of the imagination. After the story went viral, Jensen's credibility came into question and he basically went silent.

That was his last tweet.

So are these California Karens who filed the Subway lawsuit just trying to shit on the restaurant chain? Are they looking for fame or money? Do we really think if they win, they're ever going to eat at Subway again? Absolutely not. 

Here's a simple solution. Don't get your tuna salad from Subway.