Looking for the perfect outfit to sport to The Eras Tour? The answer may be as simple as a blanket draped over your head and a pair of sunglasses – that is if you’re skipping work to get in on the fun.

An anonymous Swiftie recently became the (anti-)hero of Swift’s tour, winning the hearts of fellow fans – and definitely not their boss – after appearing on a news report in full disguise detailing how they played hooky from work to snag some merch ahead of Swift’s show in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“I almost named my daughter’s middle name Taylor,” the unnamed fan, who drove to the venue from Louisville, Kentucky told WKRC’s Annie Brown, noting that she had been waiting since 2:45 a.m. in pursuit of Swift’s viral gray quarter-zip sweater.

Despite remaining tight-lipped on her identity, the unnamed Swifte’s dedication to the Eras tour shot her to viral fame, with fellow fans commending her on her commitment to the bit.

“It’s giving ‘Alexander McQueen wrapping his face in gaffer tape for his first big magazine editorial so he wouldn’t be identified by the government and lose his unemployment benefits,’” mused @gothspiderbitch.

Meanwhile, others began listing the fan’s doppelgangers, an expansive list ranging from Cousin Itt and Casey Affleck in “A Ghost Story.”

As Cincinnati meme page @CincyProblems so aptly put it, “Not all heroes wear capes, some wear blankets.”