Pop star Taylor Swift lived up to her unofficial nickname of “Miss Americana” this weekend, cheering on her new flame, Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce, as his team successfully took on the Chicago Bears on Sunday … or did she?

As Swift’s conversations with Kelce’s mother, her beverage of choice — “VODKA CRAN!!! she’s just like me fr,” wrote Twitter user @lovepaulmescal — and of course, her now-notorious snack of “a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch,” sent Twitter into a frenzy, one Swiftie and the Chiefs called cap, arguing the whole thing was merely a PR stunt.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this and I’m clowning it so hard, but I do not believe that Travis Kelce and Taylor swift are really dating,” said Swiftie and self-described “certified Chiefs fan” Kim Greene in her now-viral video. “They’re on a different level and I’ve never believed the rules to be true.”

@417kim I don’t believe @Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are dating. It’s an easter egg for doible 1989 album. You can’t convince me otherwise. #chiefs #chiefskingdom #taylorswift #1989 #traviskelce ♬ original sound - Kim Greene

Citing their identical birth years and Kelce’s outfit that he wore into the stadium before the game — “he’s wearing 1989 blue,” Greene argued, referencing the color scheme of Swift’s 2014 album, which is set to be re-released next month — the creator reiterated their whole media romance was an elaborate marketing scheme.

“It’s a double album guys, it’s all for a double album,” Greene added, noting that this would also draw listeners to the NFL star’s podcast with his brother, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce. “The podcast is gonna be off the rails this week.”

While fans may just have to wait and see whether Swift and Kelce’s alleged romance was the work of a PR “Mastermind,” one thing is certain — she absolutely left the VIP suite in that popcorn cart.

@cassiemusfeldt You cant convenience me Taylor didn’t leave in the popcorn cart. #kelce #raylorswift #chiefskingdom #kansascity #swiftie #swifttok #kelcedocumentary ♬ Cruel Summer - Taylor Swift