There’s nothing wrong with being a big dude. However, problems can arise if you weaponize your size — and that’s exactly what’s happening over on TikTok.

To summarize, there are two guys. Big guys. These hefty dudes love trust falls. Can you see the conflict?

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Just in case you don’t know what we’re talking about, a “trust fall” is when you face away from someone and fall backward. The person is then supposed to catch you, building trust in the process. How sweet.

That said, these clips don’t seem to be about building trust, but about getting as close to creating a human pancake as possible. Some of the duo’s unsuspecting victims dart out of their way; others actually attempt to catch them before inevitably collapsing. Many, many people over the course of their videos tell them that they’re too big to be attempting this — and yet, they continue.

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These trust fallers have developed a bit of notoriety. In later videos, they can be seen approaching people who already seem to know what’s going on, begging them not to attempt a trust fall on them.

While they appear to see this as a bit of harmless fun, others on the internet have greater concerns, saying such ridiculous things as “you’re going to hurt someone” and “dear god please stop.”

Naturally, there’s a significant chance that these are all staged (I’d imagine there would be far, far more fights captured on camera if this were real). But even if it’s staged, the fear in those peoples’ eyes is real — you just can’t fake the feeling of seeing a big dude nearly flatten you.