Cattle Ranchers likely the cause of the Amazon Forest Fires

This is what a doomsday scenario looks like. We don't say that lightly. The Amazon, one of the world's most valuable if not the most valuable resource is being gutted and cut down so that large corporations can reap profits while the rest us, wait for cheap meat at the drive in. 

On August 10th, cattle ranchers announced 'the day of fire', inspired by the words of President Jair Bolsonaro where they "coordinated the burning of pasture and forest area to show the President that they want to work". State prosecutors are currently investigating the case, where they saw a 300% increase in fires last Saturday, compared to the same day last year. 

NASA photo of the Amazon forest fires from space

Yesterday, a video went around of a Native Pataxo woman crying as she watched the forest behind her burn. She claimed to have seen men starting fires in her forest, and begged the world to no longer ignore the ongoing displacement and destruction that is happening all throughout the amazonian rainforest. 

Now, besides the few reports and the video itself, there is little proof yet, that these fires were set and not the product of a dry spell, but looking at the growing trend it is hard to imagine they are the product of anything else. 

map of Brazil showing the increase in forest fires over the last year

And if that's the case, well, pack it up because were done here!