AI-generated art has been flooding the internet for a few months now, disturbing and delighting us all with uncanny valley faces, oddball premises, and proof that robots will reign over us one day. Until that day, while we still have our freedom, let’s enjoy the images that apps like DALL-E 2 and MidJourney have to offer. Weird AI Generations is a Twitter account dedicated to finding and posting the best of the best for robots and humans alike to enjoy.

Give a robot a paintbrush, and you’re given a glimpse into some of the most fun and absurd alternate realities. What if Kim Jong-Un married Paris Hilton? What if the cereal aisle sold poop for breakfast? What if Joe Biden starred in 8 Mile? Now, we know - all thanks to Weird AI Generations. 

They look great together. 

The incels are evolving. 

Celebrate a birthday Cronenberg-style. 

Most relaxing biker gang of all time. 

With great power comes great coziness. 

Will the real Slim Shady please give us healthcare. 

Monster’s Inc. 2: Hasbullah Rising. 

R2 Plays for Tatooine at the World Cup. 

Almost nailed it. 

Gnomeo and Juliet: Bloody Revenge. 

Biblically accurate dog. 

Stung Jimmy Fallon still laughing like a maniac. 

Cat ladies natural environment. 

Cut out the middleman, poop ready to go. 

“Stay out of my territory”. 

Tupac Lives. 

Star Wars’ more accurate take on the absent father. 

Jerry Seinfeld is fuming at this. 

This one is just actual photos of Elon. 

Honey doesn’t digest well. 

White girl and incel collab.