The Coronavirus has seemingly come out of nowhere and it shocking much of the world, including the CDC who held an impromptu meeting the other day about how to combat the growing threat. 

The virus is believed to have originated in Wuhan, China and so far has killed six people in total. Which taking into consideration the population of China, six people isn't many, but the virus is similar to the SARS virus and in 2002 caused major panic as it spread throughout the middle east. 

Reports coming out today have confirmed that the virus has made it's way into the United State through a 30 something year-old man who was traveling back to Seattle after spending time in Wuhan China. The American patient who was hospitalized last week with pneumonia like symptoms is currently in "good condition". 

Peter Daszak president of EcoHealth Alliance, a US global health organization has said, "the appearance of an infected person in the US means this disease is on the cusp of becoming a pandemic, just like SARS in 2003,” leading many people to fear that because the disease is airborne and contracted through person to person, the scale for contamination is massive. 

China has already begun doing everything they can to help stop the spread before it gets too out of hand. They have begun screening train and plane passengers coming and going from the country and other surrounding countries have also begun doing the same. 

Here you can see passengers having their temperatures taken while waiting for their train to leave. And below you can see vehicles spraying the city of Wuhan with disinfecting chemicals. 

And here you can see one quarantined patient being led into a hospital and in another clip you can see a group of doctors wearing hazmat suits. 

Whether this is just more fear mongering or a sensational story about the next deadly virus, the one thing i keep thinking about is how I wish it was the Modelovirus. 

coronavirus explained what  you need to know from cnn