From thirst traps to dog training, Sabrina (@sabrinaalexis77x on TikTok) puts a truly unique spin on cosplay kink content by showing off tricks that she has taught her talented (and threatening) dogs, Dorian and Shadow. Her channel also features her black cat, Salem, and Escanor, her gecko.


Scrolling through her profile, you can see the progression of content which started out as your standard cosplay thirst traps.

@sabrinaalexis77x A little different this time!! #foryou #petsoftiktok ♬ original sound -

When she started posting videos showing off Dorian’s tricks, her views skyrocketed into the millions, as her audience wanted to see more dog training content. As @atlasimpure put it in the comments, “It’s a matched set. Both are gorgeous but the combination elevates.”

@sabrinaalexis77x Literally all my comments. My other #tiktok is @sabrinaalexis77 ❤️ #foryou #MakeItGucci #dogs #dogsofttiktok #puppy ♬ Stan Mariano - Sterling Silver

@sabrinaalexis77x Look how big shadow is already!! #foryou #dogsofttiktok #puppy ♬ original sound -

She starts most of her videos by slapping her thigh and saying “Come here boy” in a dominatrix-esque tone to summon Dorian and Shadow while dressing them in hats and wearing matching sexy goth/fantasy outfits.

@sabrinaalexis77x Reply to @avaacb who looks better me or the dog (the dog is the right answer) #foryou #dogs #dogsofttiktok ♬ original sound -

@sabrinaalexis77x I like a boy how does as he's told. #dog #tiger #dogsofttiktok ♬ original sound -

She adopted Shadow, her youngest pup, in 2022 and has filmed in detail his training over the years. Dorian, however, is still the star of the show, and followers often get emotional in the comments when he makes an appearance in her videos. @bumblebrii216 commented, “Dorian in the background made me tear up idk why.”

While others demand she give him more attention: “YOU HUG DORIAN RIGHT NOW HE LOOKS SO SAD.”

Recently Dorian needed surgery to fix his knees, so followers crowdfunded via GoFundMe to help cover the expenses. We can expect to see more videos of his recovery and more training videos that inspire her audience to train their dogs through #sadgirltraining, a trend within “DogTok” for low-energy training.

“There [are] 2 kinds of people in this comment section. Those who are here for the dog and those who wish they could be the dog,” @mechazeus observed.