eBaum's World user blog tool.

Here at eBaum's World we love content. Frankly, we can't get enough, so today we're happy to announce the arrival of the long-awaited, brand-spanking new Blog tool.

Using the Blog tool you'll be able to submit a wide variety of content; long-form features, top 10 lists, stories, and more can now be submitted by users. With this, not only is there an opportunity for eBaum's users to create new types of content, but there will be a far greater diversity of content available for everyone here to read. Lord electronic baldman would be proud.

Best of all, as with other media types, you'll earn eBones for submitting content which can be exchanged for cash and merchandise. In other words, you get paid to share memes, post ghost stories, create nostalgic gaming pieces (my personal favorite as the gaming expert), and anything else you can think of. Consider this an internet playground, if you will.

Follow me as we jump into more detail about the Blog tool.

How To Submit A Legendary Blog

Step 1. Sign in at www.ebaumsworld.com.

Step 2. Click 'Upload' on the top right.

Note: This tool is currently only available in desktop mode.

Step 3. Click 'Blog'.

Step 4. Fill out your blog.

Step 5. Accept the terms of use policy and then click 'Submit'.

Showing You Da Wae Of The Blog Tool

The Blog tool provides an incredible amount of freedom not found in other media types. For example, it'd be otherwise impossible to publish a list of videos, such as in the case of my Blog titled 'The 8 Funniest Gaming Glitch Videos We've Ever Seen'.

Using the aforementioned blog as an example, here's what you need to know about each of the elements and how you may want to use them.

Title: The headline of your blog. We recommend something catchy that makes it stand out. In the case of my example, I included the terms 'funny' and 'glitch', two things a lot of people enjoy seeing.

Body: The main content including text, images, GIFs, and more. We highly recommend including an image at the top, but from there you're free to explore. In the case of my blog, I had a header image, introduction, then sub-headers for each of the eight videos, along with a small introduction and the corresponding video (you don't have to include this much... but you can!).

Description: A short tagline that'll be visible under the headline. We recommend including any key information that the headline may be missing, providing context to the piece if anything could be confusing about the title, or just something fun (puns are popular).

Tags (Optional): Labels for identifying the content. You separate your items with a comma.

Category (Optional): A classification for the type of content (i.e. funny, creepy, facepalm, etc.).

What Now, Foo?

Your blog will be added to the "Newest" section and the category section that you chose (if you chose one) within a minute or two. It'll then be visible to all eBaum's World users who can then post a wide range of nice comments (diediedie is a particularly nice fellow in my experience), encouraging you on your blogging travels. In addition, your created content will be added to the Submissions section of your user profile.

On that note, if you need to edit your piece at any time, simply visit the "Submission" section on your profile and click the "Edit Media" button under the thumbnail. From here you'll be able to make changes in-case you forgot something or want to add some extra spice to your piece.

Get Rich And Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True

As with all user submitted content on eBaum's World, your creations earn you eBones, a currency that far surpasses the usefulness of Bitcoin. Using it, you can order swag packs from our shop, cash, and more.

Check out our prize store here.

Get Featured Like A Boss

The eBaum's World editorial team is always looking to feature the best content for the home page. We've featured tens of thousands of user-submitted galleries and videos over the years, and now we'd love to share your blogs.

Although we're always on the hunt for great content in the Newest section, if you feel you have a piece that would make for a great front-page feature, feel free to send one of our editorial team members a message (including me).

The Whistles Go Woo!

The eBaum's World editorial team is very excited about this addition and we look forward to seeing what you all come up with.