prince harry and meghan markle with their baby

As I began collecting posts for a new series I want to do, I found something on Twitter that made me stop in my tracks. The idea began as a collection of the worst posts of the week. The silly and stupid things people tweet or share without giving much thought and in that quest I found this. This glorious , glorious tweet by the self proclaimed, little brown woman with a big mouth. 

the emasculation of prince harry in six pictures - the dumbest twitter thread ever | the toxic impact of sjw hollywood feminism on western man cannot be understate.

The Emasculation of Prince Harry in Six Pictures. The toxic impact of SJW Hollywood feminism on Western man cannot be understated. Because you know getting married to a woman is f***ing gay as sh*t right? And marry at hot-a** one only makes it worse. 

Like seriously, I have never seen a post so god damn stupid in my entire life. He he supposed to dress in camo during the Golden Globes? What kind of dumb f***king c**t thinks of shit like this. 

Which leads me to my conclusion. It has to be fake, there us no way anyone could be this stupid. And then I read the comments.