The FCC voted today by a margin of 3-2 to end the Obama era regulations which forced Internet providers to equally promote and provided sustainable bandwidth to every site on the Internet. And this POS, Ajit Pai, promoted to FCC head once served as a lobbyist for Verizon and even joked at a fancy dinner party about being a paid and bought shill. (video below)

Yes, certain websites have always worked faster than others and that's because sites like Netflix and Facebook own their own servers, or pay for servers from providers like Amazon and the like. This won't change per say. But what will change is the ability of your Internet service provider to throttle your access and make you pay for the things you already do online. While you might be able to afford an extra $10 a month for your favorite sites, you really shouldn't have to. And while you can, others simply cannot. In a world where access to the Internet is becoming more and more of a commodity, like water or gas, an open and free Internet is no longer a privilege but a right. 

Call your congressman or woman and let them know that you will not sit idly by while big corporations attempt to take control of our Internet. 

Go to the website below and make your voice heard or text 'BATTLE' to 384-387 or call (202) 795-7766