If this pride flag offends you, we’ll help you pack ... and move the fuck out of rural Oregon.

Last week, one Oregonian asshole proved yet again that despite the right’s campaign alleging leftists are offended by American flags, they too can get very worked up over a piece of cloth, harassing TikTok creator Jessica VanDerslice – a.k.a. @befriendyourlocalcryptid – over the pride flag hanging in front of their Oregon home.

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“What makes you guys think it’s right to fly that flag in a conservative town?” the perp in question – a man later referred to by the moniker “Rogue River Bigot” on VanDerslice’s channel –  asked in footage shared to TikTok from their Nest camera.

“I mean my right as a community member?” VanDerslice snapped back, asking the man to “please get off my property” before they contacted the authorities.

The Rogue River Bigot, however, was evidently unphased by this statement, doubling down on his stance. “It’s not acceptable anymore,” they continued, later stating that to them, the flag represented a “disgusting agenda.”

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People loving each other. How disgusting.

Shortly after the incident went viral, VanDerslice’s request to track down the Rogue River Bigot proved successful, with a local reporter claiming they found the asshole in question, a discussion that quickly went south.


We tracked him down and he threatened us again. Anyone have some cameras and flags to donate? This comes off as seriously unhinged

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“Are you a member of Antifa?” he replied after being asked if he was the person who visited VanDerslice’s residence, following up with a question about a photo on the reporter’s phone.

“Hey Brad let me tell you something real quick,” he continued. “ I want you guys to know you will not make it out of this. You will not bring your toxicity into our community. I will make sure that you guys do not thrive here. Goodbye.”

While it’s unclear what, exactly, the Rogue River Bigot has against the LGBTQ+ community and/or what hot gay boy broke his heart.