man can't pronounce gnocchi

In the rapid world of modern dating, people are making decisions faster, and with less information than they ever have before. "Red flags" and "icks" can be a one-and-done offense, and the smallest mistake can be a dealbreaker. 

It would seem that not being able to pronounce the Italian pasta 'gnocchi' is a new red flag for some women, and men who can say it correctly have a huge leg up. 

@thecosmochameleon *left eye starts twitching* #fyp ♬ original sound - Lolo

After seeing the trend, some girlfriends decided to put their boyfriends to the test. The results are not encouraging. 

@katerabinowitz “Sorry I’m not Italian” #fyp #TextReaction ♬ original sound - katerabinowitz

@taylordigirolamo Why can’t guys pronounce gnocchi #gnocchi ♬ original sound - Taylor DiGirolamo

@itscarolchaves no caption needed @noahschnacky #fyp #foryou #MyBFF #ChiliDogYum ♬ original sound - carebear

While being a cultured person is definitely an attractive quality when it comes to dating, the pronunciation of one singular pasta type certainly doesn't seem like a comprehensive litmus test. We're quite sure that plenty of women can't pronounce gnocchi either, not to mention the plethora of other foreign words that Americans have never attempted to say correctly. 

Pistachio nuts are technically pronounced with a 'K' sound where the 'ch' is, and the 'E' is not actually silent at the end of calzone. And for the love of God, the 'G' is silent in Famiglia Pizza, (and my own last name). 

Here is a gnocchi pronunciation guide for all who need it, and let's all stop making relationship decisions based off of trivial internet trends.