With the NBA season starting today, fans should be excited about the multitude of storylines that are just starting to unravel. Lebron James starting with a young Lakers team, the Warriors adding "Boogie" Cousins, Gordon Haywards return from injury, the list goes on. However, there is one player; one story that transcends all others. During a press conference this summer, a player made a noise so strange, and so off-putting that it immediately overshadowed all other stories that the NBA has to offer. I am of course talking about the mystery of Kawhi Leonard's insane laugh.

I mean, what the hell was that? Did that sound hurt coming out? Was that the first time this basketball robot has ever shown emotion? Needless to say, the internet immediately did its job and researched the phenomenon, documenting the few times Kawhi has attempted to show joy through laughter.

It seems like Kawhi has gone through a handful of different laughs, each more bizarre and unnerving than the last. Let's just hope that this season Kawhi updates his software and develops a more human approach to expressing happiness.