Great news for people who have yet to get their significant other something special for Valentine’s Day because the Oklahoma Department of Conservation has a perfect gift idea for you, a fishing license. 

While last-minute flower delivery or a fancy box of chocolates may cost more than a carton of 12 cage-free organic eggs, it seems you don’t need to break the bank to woo your special person — just ask social media’s latest romance guru, the modern-day cupid that is the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s Twitter page.

On Monday, February 13, the environmental shitposting overlords took a break from relaying bear management tips and dunking on birdwatchers (creeps)  to get candid about what women really want for Valentine’s Day — proper fishing documentation.

The post has collected more than 19,000 likes, a feat notably accomplished despite Elon allegedly rewriting the entire Twitter algorithm specifically to stroke his ego.

Fishing and wildflower fans echoed the page’s point, proving that giving something fishy is the best way to catch something (hopefully) less fishy, by detailing the romantic (and sometimes monumentally pyramidal) qualities of Bass Pro Shop, canoes (that may or may not be pink and/or brown), and home cooked dinners.

But hey, if you can’t secure a fishing license, it seems flowers are still okay … so long as they’re native *and* biodiverse.