One driving school in Colorado is now teaching lessons about the rules of the road and irony after one of their instructors crashed their car through the building’s front window.

Though the newly-hired teacher smashed through the school’s front window, sending several of their bricks loose, the collision only resulted in one injury as “several people were able to dive out of harms [sic] way,” according to the Lakewood Police Department. The driver was ultimately ticketed for a traffic violation … and dunked on by several Twitter users amused with the situation’s absurdist irony.

“Hold up….an instructor at ‘Learn to Drive’ did this?” asked @WUTangKids.

“When you lie on the job application,” joked @wutamclan7.

Meanwhile, @Barbawire suggested other driving schools use this hilarious image to their advantage.

“OK, but this would be a [sic] such a good marketing tool,” they wrote.

Though the driving school opted to fire the instructor over the incident, we can only hope that they’ll take the old viral adage of “being promoted to customer” literally … they definitely need to work on those parking skills.