It’s been difficult to avoid hearing about Vivek Ramaswamy in recent months thanks to the entrepreneur’s decision to try and seek the Republican Party nomination for president.

This is annoying for several reasons, not least because the man seems insufferable and has ridiculous political views including bans on abortions that take place after six weeks and ending the skilled worker visa program. Like many conservatives, he has positioned himself as an opponent of “woke-ism,” going so far as to write a book titled Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam in which he describes socially-conscious investing as the “gravest danger that American democracy faces.”

Suffice to say, he is incredibly obnoxious and has very little chance of securing the nomination; in time, he will be forgotten by the general public, and eventually, by history. Unless the internet has its way, that is.

As one TikToker has pointed out, users are almost exclusively commenting one thing and one thing only on Ramaswamy’s TikTok videos: “I edge to you.” Young people in particular might take issue with Ramaswamy’s proposed platform because he wants to raise the voting age to 25, and only those who have fulfilled a national service requirement or passed a test similar to the one taken by potential U.S. citizens would be able to vote between the ages of 18 to 25.


I’m the 2024 presidential candidate.

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Thus, the trolling. Ramaswamy’s first video on the platform has more than 20,000 comments, and if you scroll down, you’ll see just how many are variations on “I edge to you,” and “Keep going I’m so close.” In response to a commenter who wrote, “Bro is not prepared for the comment section,” Ramaswamy said, “Keep the comments flowing,” without directly addressing the nature of said comments (he’s probably the type to enjoy any attention whether it’s good or bad).

So perhaps this will be Ramaswamy’s legacy: Helping an entire generation delay their orgasms by being so repulsive that the thought of him kills the vibe. It’s almost as good as unsuccessful Republican candidate Rick Santorum’s name being defined as “byproduct of anal sex” thanks to columnist Dan Savage. Almost.