These two series from 'The Pete Holmes Show' provided the world of TV and internet with some of the greatest Comic Book and Video Game related sketch comedy that is out there.

In the Ex-Men series Professor X has to fire some X-men due to their lack of usefulness to the team (Wolverine, Cyclops, Gambit, Rogue, and more), while the Street Fighter Red Tape series has Pete as an employee of the Tournament and dealing with issues surrounding some of the fighters (Ryu, Blanka, Vega, and more).

Man alive, do these bring back some memories! See if you can spot some of the big names and faces in these funny videos from Pete Holmes and crew.

Ex-Men: Wolverine

Street Fighter Red Tape: RYU

Ex-Men: Magneto

Street Fighter Red Tape: Chun-Li


Ex-Men: Jean Grey

Street Fighter Red Tape: Blanka

Ex-Men: Storm


Street Fighter Red Tape: Guile

Ex-Men: Gambit

Street Fighter Red Tape: M. Bison

Ex-Men: Cyclops

Street Figther: Dhalsim

Street Fighter: Ken