The writer's strike rages on and many Americans are stuck at home twiddling their thumbs without their precious entertainment. In the second week of the strike and with no end in sight, our only hope to keep our stupid minds occupied is forcing ChatGPT to finish season 3 of 'Mind Hunter,' That, or forcing all the writers back to work. 

Which, depending on how sharp your sarcasm skills our, is what Imagine Dragons intended to accomplish by performing to a group of picketers standing in from of the Netflix offices in Los Angeles. 

"Disgusting: The studios are using every union-busting tactic in their arsenal" Jermey (@jeremylevick), quote tweeted an image of the band performing on the street posted by James Alexander. 

It's not clear how long the strike will last or when exactly Imagine Dragons became the new Nickleback – you know Nickleback is happy about that – however, not everyone in the crowd knew who the singing duo was. 

You can hear two people in the above video talking about the performance, one of them with a British accent has clearly  never heard of Imagine Dragons before as he is asked by the man next to him, "You know this song, right?" He responds, "No, I've never heard it before." 

So if the not-so-popular, yet bigley swole – Imagine Dragons aren't enough to kick people off the picket line, the big wigs up in their big Hollywood towers are going to have to regroup and another band even more universally despised to get the job done.