white claw meme - Jim Carrey screenshot from Liar Liar doing the claw and holding a white claw

Some people will say it's a "hot girl summer" and some say it's a "hot boy summer", but if we're being serious it's without a doubt a White Claw summer. 

White Claw is a hard seltzer drink that has quenched the thirst of an entire nation. During a summer with record-breaking heatwaves, bros and bro-ettes have been looking for a summer drink to not just get them drunk but to cool them down. 

Some people say White Claw is just Zima but rebranded and some will scoff and say, "Yeah, well I've been putting vodka in my La Croix for months", so what makes White Claw special, well it's the memes.  

white claw meme - Okay let's see who you really are - Zima

white claw meme - the perfect crossover product doesn't exi- Dwight Schrute holding a Dwight Claw

Vince Mcmahon reactions  - Claw $1 off Claws $3 off BOGO on Claws

Simpson meme - ooh, a white claw

IT meme - when we have white claw down here

white claw meme -  no one: Guys who drink white claw: points to white claw

White claw meme - Nothing can stop the claw! Jim Carrey screenshot from Liar Liar doing

White Claw Meme - Drake and Kawhi celebrating the Tronoto Raptors NBA finals wins with white claws