Tik Tok user Brittnay445 creates a new meme reaction by drinking kombucha for the very first time

There is a new meme reaction clip going around the web and if you're looking for where it came from we've got you covered. 

If you've been on Twitter recently then you've probably seen an edited version of the "you know what" clip taken from Tik Tok user @brittany445, where she tries a can of kombucha for the very first time and films her reaction. 

We're not sure exactly what to call this reaction meme, so we just stuck with something simple, "you know what" or maybe "no, well". The creator Brittnay445 has grown a small audience on Tik Tok and has inspired a many number of memes and tweets because of her funny reaction to drinking kombucha. So look no further and "you know what, no well" just watch the clip below.