TikTok has quickly supplanted Youtube and Liveleak as the best platform to view batshit insane videos. If the algorithm figures out you’ll watch mind-bending, hilarious, or just plain weird content, this app will give it to you. Here are some of the strangest TikToks found this week. 

There is nothing more for us to say. So get comfortable and get ready for some weird ass shit. 

This frog is quite literally still kicking.


♬ nhạc nền - tiktok_food10

That's got to hurt. 


Don’t snap and walk kids.

♬ original sound - Kaylee

Please don't judge us, or ask how we found this video. 

@lilmissross22 Progress with weights #happysaturday #gymtok #motivation #deadlift #fyp #gymjourney ♬ som original -

This guy is ready for the weekend. 


♬ sonido original - pichardo

You're coming home with me. 


♬ original sound - emmafearsmayo

Farm animal moshpit. 

@a13720005317001 #animals #foryou #animal ♬ 原聲 - user42797726469

Don't you wish fishing was always this easy?

@fishiymanic is it in America??#fishing #fishing #tiktok #catcheses #foryou ♬ original sound - fishiymanic

She said what?

@jupywrld kintsugi omakase in nyc - would you try it? #nycomakase #nyc #omakase #shirako #nycrestaurants ♬ カタコト - sloppy dim