Redditor u/st_new34 posed an interesting question on AskReddit recently. What's something that women normally do that men should start doing? Answers ranged from 'lotioning your hands' to more serious suggestions like 'getting checked by a specialist.' We've compiled some of the best answers from the thread.

Shave your ass.

Yes, the prickly hairs are uncomfortable. But after a few days, you've got a clean bottom.

Cry, idiot. Show emotion.

This is a deep-seeded issue especially for the 'masculine men.' But it's an unhealthy stereotype, and one that needs to change.

See. A. Therapist.

Holy shit this is huge. Talk to someone. See a therapist. Mental health is just as important as your physical well-being. A huge stigma that needs to be broken.

Sit down when you pee.

Bro, take a load off. Relax, have a nice clean piss. No need to splash everywhere, no messy cleanup. Men...we need to take a stand, by taking a seat.

Give each other compliments. Be another dude's hype man.

Hell yes. You see a dude looking down. Hype that boy up! We need to be comfortable giving compliments and positive feedback to our fellow men.