As Gwyneth Paltrow’s court case continues its run as the trial of the century for vaginal Jade egg connoisseurs and Italian greyhounds wearing cable knit sweaters, one amateur court watcher managed to accomplish with the Goop exec’s cabal of overpaid attorneys could only achieve in their dreams – uncovering a piece of crucial evidence with a bit of “hacking.”

The “hacking” in question? Creating an account on the Meetup app, which is used by older people to do just that, ‘meet up’.

While watching coverage of the trial last week, a proceeding which centered on a 2016 ski collision between Paltrow and retired 76-year-old optometrist Terry Sanderson, Court TV viewer Michael Fletcher noticed how the actress’ legal team kept broaching one piece of critical evidence they couldn’t access –  GoPro footage of the incident.

They kept repeating, ‘It’s the most important piece of evidence,” and they couldn’t figure it out. “They [just] didn’t know how to open the link,” Fletcher told Court TV anchor Julie Grant during a recent sit-down with the network.

Fletcher decided to take matters into his own hands, uncovering messages between Sanderson and witness Craig Ramon from shortly after the collision proving they both were aware of Paltrow’s involvement despite their conflicting claims.

“You could not make this up. Gwyneth took out Terry last week,” Ramon penned in one of the messages.

“Last Saturday, her son broke his arm skiing at Park City,” he continued. “Gwyneth was staying at the Montage. She took her plane out of Millionaire Airport. What makes me mad is Gwyneth took out Terry and then took off.”

But more than the revelations themselves, Sanderson said the means of obtaining this information was the most shocking aspect of his hack.

"Honestly, it’s comical how easy it was, I can’t believe they didn’t do this already,” Fletcher added, describing the ordeal as “just common sense.” “It’s almost a joke.”

They would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for some dude who knows how to use Google.