Hopefully you don’t need to hear this, but if you find a bag with money, pills and weird notes in it, just leave it alone. Nothing good will come of it.

However, if you’re TikToker Adrian Peru, a creepy bag with weird stuff is not something to be avoided. In fact, you can just take the bag and post about its contents on the internet. Why not, right? What’s the worst that could happen?

According to Peru, he stumbled across this bag after finding a dollar bill on the ground. The bag had a wallet, a strange note, a pill bottle and a photo album with some childlike drawings. The photo album also had a bunch of cash and some hair. Don’t know what the hair is for, but we’re just going to roll with it. “I don’t even know if I should be touching this right now,” Peru says (you shouldn’t, Adrian, you shouldn’t).

Many users speculated that this was a way to surreptitiously pay for drugs. I would guess that the people who wrote this have never bought drugs before, as no self-respecting drug dealer would ask for their money in a photo album with your hair.

Regardless, Peru says the video earned him a visit from the cops.

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In a follow-up, Peru says he returned the bag (after taking all of the money, of course). A day later, the cops showed up asking about the bag, to which Peru says he returned it. But when they went to the hole to look for the bag, it wasn’t there anymore! Oooooo, spooky!

The next day, Peru says the police returned and took his shoes.

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A few days later, Peru says he received a weird note in his mailbox with a key. And if you’re starting to think this sounds fake, I’m with you there.

The story’s just full of holes. Why did his Ring doorbell camera capture the police but not the people leaving the note? If the people leaving the note wanted something from him, why wouldn’t they just say exactly what they wanted instead of leaving a cryptic message? And, I hate to repeat myself, but why on God’s green earth would a drug dealer want a ball of hair?

If this is real, however, Peru has proven one thing: He would absolutely be the first to die in a horror movie.