Though he may have snuck out of a U.K. Zoo, one monkey has managed to do what only Curious George has before — making the entire internet want to be his best friend. 

On Tuesday, BBC News headed to Twitter with an inadvertent question for their followers in light of a Japanese macaque monkey’s recent escape from a Scotland Zoo.

“What should you do if you encounter an escaped monkey?” they wrote alongside a link to their article with the same title.

Shortly after hitting the web, several X/Twitter users decided to make this rhetorical question a whole lot more literal, sharing their armchair takes on how they would interact with a monkey at large.

While several decided to simply kick back and relax, opting to split a beer with the primate or let it chill at their house — “take it to the pub,” wrote @CeaddaOfMercia@youwouldknow opted for a more meme-y approach.

“Dress it in a nice coat to make sure it looks stylish & take it to Ikea,” they captioned a photo of the now-infamous Toronto Ikea monkey.

@FutchSupreme, however, had a different idea of what they would do if faced with a monkey on the loose: single-handedly revived the buddy-cop genre.

“Go on an amazing journey where we butt heads at first, but in my most desperate hour he saves me and we find out we had more in common then we thought in the end,” they wrote.

Though it appears none of these replies were correct – we’re apparently supposed to avoid approaching it all together, per the article — we can only hope BBC News will investigate one of Twitter’s FAQs in their follow-up: To paraphrase @jewbyboobie, how do we know the difference between an escaped monkey and a non-escaped monkey?