On Tuesday, May 30, Twitter entrepreneur Nick Huber took a break from sharing posts citing exploiting workers in Latin America and the Philippines as “the key to maximizing profits for yourself and your investors” to share his latest gripe – his neighbor’s lawn.  

“Thank god for HOA rules,” he commenced the first post in the thread before lambasting his neighbors for the unforgivable sins of “wanting to grow veggies in their front yards” forgoing “weed control treatments” and “doing work on cars in the driveway.”

“I’ll never live in a neighborhood without the rules,” he quipped.

Yet, merely proclaiming his dedication to the almighty HOA wasn’t enough – Huber evidently felt compelled to put his neighbor’s totally fine facade on blast to his 298.6k followers.

“This is what you get without an HOA,” he captioned the photo depicting what appears to be a fine-looking home with a slightly overgrown – if not intentionally biodiverse – lawn. “We have one place in our neighborhood that isn’t governed by the HOA and this is what we get as a neighbor.”

Beyond garnering the typical roasts, stemming from Karen-esque posts, a myriad of replies insisting that the home in question “is very green and looks fine” and encouraging Huber to “get a hobby” – ”Imagine posting a picture of some random neighbor’s house online without their permission just to whine that you don't like THEIR yard,” mused Twitter user @TKsMantis – Huber’s rant quickly got the meme treatment.

“THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WITHOUT AN HOA,” Twitter user @TheRealNzoth captioned an illustration of hell, one of the several spoofs on Huber’s original post highlighting locales like the Keebler elves’ tree and Barbie’s home from the upcoming Barbie movie.  “YOU ARE WELCOME.”

So, take Huber’s post as a cautionary tale: This is what you get with an HOA, and by “this” we mean “getting absolutely dunked on by all of Twitter.”