Stare into the eyes of Lucifer himself

A controversial new toy has hit the shelves just in time for Christmas. That toy is none other than the arachnid-like, seemingly innocent toy dubbed the "Yellies." The big thing that separates the Yellie toy to other non-demonic dolls, is that the motorized doll is activated when it hears the screams of terror of children. The louder they yell, the faster the Yellie goes.

I believe the inventors of this toy have never had children - I would go far as to say they have never been around a child. Because, the last thing anybody around a child wants, is to increase the amount of noise coming from that child's face. I am not alone in this belief as parents around the country voiced their concern about the product.

But even taking all of this into consideration, the Yellies are flying off the shelves. Stores like Target and Amazon are selling out of certain kinds of Yellie and are even marking up the prices. I guess parents either like torturing themselves or maybe they like seeing their kids run away screaming.