By now you know that the GOAT, Tom Brady, has returned to the pen and will be lacing up his hoofed feet this coming fall, marking his 23rd NFL season. But this great news for many doesn't come without some bad news for others. For example, the person who just hours before Tom's IG announcement purchased his "last touchdown ball" for 500k dollars at auction. 

The sale is sure to be challenged in court and could become a sticky situation for both the buyer and the auction house, who look more than a little stupid at the moment. While the ball was auctioned off, a loophole for the buyer might yet prove useful, as auction houses don't typically invoice accept invoices on the weekend. So whoever bought said ball probably hasn't actually paid for it yet. 

And even if they had, they have a pretty good case in court as to why the sale and initial purchase of the ball should be void. Well unless Tom never throws another touchdown. Something that seems highly unlikely. but not impossible. 

So that's that. The ball was "bought at auction", though it probably hasn't been "purchased" yet. You can bet some is pissed though. That scoundrel Tom Brady has done it again.