Twitch streamer alinity

Over the weekend Peta's Twitter account posted a video of twitch streamer Alinity, throwing her cat over her head and out of frame.  

The video posted by Peta on Twitter, actually had a positive response, which is rare for a Peta promoted anything. People found themselves shocked that they were agreeing with Peta and even more shocked that Twitch did nothing to Alinity or her channel, despite other streamers getting the ban-hammer for lesser instances. 

Here is the original Tweet by Peta that drew attention to Alinity tossing her cat around. 

It was a strange place for the Internet to find itself. Trapped between a popular Twitch babe and Peta, one of the most hated organizations in the world, or at least online. Not everybody was quick to praise Peta and soon more evidence of Alinity being a jerk to animals began to surface.