La Times gets roasted on Twitter for their work from home fashion coverage - they call me ranch cuz I be dressing

Tuesday, April 21, 2020, We 

Last Friday, LA Times Adam Tschorn who covers "fashion, style, cannabis and all things pop culture" wrote an article titled, 'Enough with the WFH sweatpants. Dress like the adult you're getting paid to be', where he begrudges all the people working from home in 'sweats and old college sweaters'. 

And though his argument are based in proven work-from-home tactics, the message fell on people in sweats. It wasn't just that they were being told to get dressed, it's who was telling them to do it. I mean, I don't know about you, but I am not taking fashion advice from this guy. 

Adam Tschorn - the fashion editor for the La Times gets roasted on Twitter

Your probably thinking, is this a joke? This is the LA Times fashion editor? No way, it couldn't be, this dude sells dip-n-dots at the county fair. But no this human toe is a real person and he wants you to get your lazy a** out of those sweats. 

And in full transparency, as to embody the no-sweats-code, Tschorn disclosed what he was wearing at the time he wrote the article. "A black-and-red Brooks Brothers non-iron, button-down shirt, a pair of black Levi's 559 five-pocket jeans, Stance socks and black Adidas Samba AV sneakers." 

Expert from article about working from home dressing gear

Here is a visual recreation of Tschorn's fit to help you see what we're dealing with here. Pretty weak sh*t. 

Adam Tschorn photoshop in what he said he was wearing during the article

And we're not the only ones confused by how someone who looks like a thumb and a pack of zebra gum can become a fashion writer. The only advice we'd accept from someone with whose idea of a 'fit' is the above recreation, is none, we wouldn't take any advice from that person and neither should you.  Twitter felt the same way.