Construction worker John Manley reminds us why bosses should always pay their workers. In January 2019, after spending a Christmas holiday without pay and confronting an unreceptive boss, Manley took matters into his own hands. The disgruntled digger driver drove up to the premises of the Liverpool Travelodge he had been working and put his skills to use to decimate the place. He ultimately caused over $500,000 in damages.

The contractor that had hired Manley, MF Groundworks, had received payment from the client, Remstone Property Management, but failed to pay Manley that December. He reportedly threatened his site manager Peter Robinson the days leading up to the destruction, promising to cause chaos if he wasn’t paid. Manley’s threats weren’t taken seriously, but that didn’t stop him.

Purportedly, without the 600 quid, he was owed, Manley was unable to pay for electricity or food over the holiday, which meant his own children weren’t able to visit him on Christmas. One can only imagine his frustration and sympathize that much more as we watch him wreak havoc on the hotel. As he barrels through the lobby, you can hear him scream “all you had to do was pay me!”

At the end of the day justice was served, but unfortunately not in his favor. Instead of his rightful 600 quid, Manley’s impulsive actions earned him five years in jail.