You don’t need to be an ultra-rich celebrity, the weirdly-horny showrunner behind a series surrounding a “human cumsock” or standing ovation enthusiasts to enjoy all the star-studded insanity the Cannes Film Festival has to offer – just ask TikTok’s latest thrifty sensation, Saint Léon.

Saint Léon – better known by his username @leojchrist – has taken to TikTok to document his latest challenge, navigating the famously pricey film festival on a budget of less than €500 Euros ($536.30 USD).

“I decided to set a personal challenge for myself and attend the Cannes Film Festival for four days while keeping my expenses under €500 Euros,” he commenced his clip before delving into how, exactly, he planned on navigating the ultra-pricey event on less than €125 ($134.08 USD).

@saintleon69 Day 1 of spending less than 500€ at Cannes Film Festival! Crazy to think I got to see the premiere of “Killlers of the Flower Moon” #cannes #cannesfilmfestival #leonardodicaprio #killersoftheflowermoonmovie ♬ original sound - Saint Léon

After hopping on the “cheapest train” taking him from Paris to the south of France, storing his luggage in a luggage locker, and acquiring a last-minute three-day press pass by merely showing a snap of him alongside Kanye West, Saint Léon began exploring the grounds of the festival.

Though he ultimately learned that “for film premieres, tickets need to be reserved online or through in-screens,” one that he was able to access after “someone had left their credentials behind,” allowing him to book a “random available movie for the day after.”

Despite knowing these limitations, Saint Léon still pressed their luck when it came to getting into premiers, finding his way onto the red carpet for “Killers of the Flower Moon.”

“Curious to see how far my press pass could take me, I navigated through various lines and eventually found myself in the press area. I ascended the red stairs on the red carpet and there I encountered Tobey Maguire the beloved Spider-Man,” he continued, noting how he nabbed a selfie with the former superhero.

@saintleon69 How I crashed “The Idol” premiere and after party at the Cannes Film Festival. Words cannot describe how blessed I’ve been for this chance. Thank you @nss magazine for inviting me to the festival #theidol #theweeknd #lilyrosedepp #cannesfilmfestival #viral ♬ original sound - Saint Léon

Though he didn’t have a ticket for the premiere itself, he managed to sneak into a line for “last-minute entries without invitations,” an endeavor that landed him access to the upcoming Scorsese flick.

“In just six hours, I found myself in the most anticipated screening of the festival,” he said in what may be the biggest humble brag of all time.

Though he concluded his day with a kebab and an ice cream cone worth a whopping €16, this was only just the beginning. Over the next several days, Saint Léon managed to sneak into exclusive afterparties, rubbing elbows with celebrities.

Here’s to Saint Léon – our bank accounts are giving you a 10-minute standing ovation.