If you weren't able to attend the Weird Al panel on the final day of New York Comic Con, we feel sorry for you. Luckily, we were there. And we'll cut right to the chase. This movie is going to be very good.

The aptly named panel Let's Get Weird on Sunday afternoon included director Eric Appel, Evan Rachel Wood (Madonna), Daniel Radcliffe (Weird Al), and the legendary Al Yankovic himself on video call.

And as surreal as it was to see these incredibly talented actors and artists on stage together, the best part by far was the sneak peek clip we were treated to.

Picture Weird Al at a pool party somewhere in the late '70s, early '80s, accordion in hand. Who else is in attendance you might ask? Pee-wee Herman (Jorma Taccone), Andy Warhol (Conan O'Brien), and some dude from Queen (Jack Black), just to name a few. That's all I can disclose without getting fired. But let's just say this scene alone might carry the film into Oscar-contention.

That's not the only tidbit we received. Daniel Radcliffe also confirmed that his Weird Al mustache is 100% real. The actor stated, "If you can avoid fake facial hair, you should. That's advice for you all."

Al then chimed in on the casting of Radcliffe saying, "Eric and I made a short list of actors that we thought would be able to pull off the role. And we studied the list, and we always kept focusing on Dan's name because we're both fans of all of Dan's work."

All in all, we couldn't have asked for a better way to end New York Comic Con 2022

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story will be released on November 4th, streaming on Roku.