Modern technology has achieved some truly incredible things in recent years.  From discovering new planets and galaxies, to advancements in medicine, and even a soon-to-be commercially available flying car.

However, few things are quite as menacingly impressive as a robot that can run and jump like some sort of super human.  Robotics and Engineering company Boston Dynamics seems to be very eager in creating a race of human-enslaving super robots as seen in one of their newest videos released on YouTube.

Prepare to embrace your robotic overlords.

The newest video dubbed  "Parkour Atlas" shows the nimble footed bipedal robot jumping over a log and and up onto several platforms of varying heights.  Parkour or freerunning is just the newest set of skills the robots are capable of including:  lifting boxes, running, opening doors, dish washing, end even a freaking backflip!

Atlas practicing to be the first non-human competitor on American Ninja Warrior.

With the booming interest in artificial intelligence by major companies like Google and Facebook, the future of robotics appears to be a bright one, so long as none of them become sentient and decide to take over the world!

Totally nothing scary about running into this gang...

Check out Atlas's Parkour run in the video below: