Wendy Williams is the mean girl that all the other girls love to be friends with. She's so mean in fact and such a heartless person that someone, somewhere said hey, let's give their witch her own show. 

Williams makes a living being a b**** and it should be a surprise that well, she's making headlines for making fun of people with cleft lips. In the clip she pulls her lip up and mocks Joaquin Phoenix, who just days before won an Oscar. Though in her defense, she does still seems a little turned on by him, a slight consolation for her being a terrible bag of botox. 

Since the clip has circled the web, Williams has issues a formal apology and even said she would donate to the cleft community. But many people, including Cher were not buying it. 

Williams' apology feel flat on many, as not only did she mimic a cleft lip but her audience had no problem laughing along with her. Which she now claims she'll use to help her audience learn more. 

Okay, sure you will.