Have you smiled at the cute barista for a second too long? Have you forgotten to mention that you had a partner while talking to someone attractive? You might be micro-cheating. Not full-on cheating. Just a little bit. Like a teaspoon amount of cheating.

The world of dating is so advanced (deranged) nowadays that it seems like we get more quippy terms about relationships every day. Micro-cheating refers to small dishonest acts that may be perceived as infidelity by your partner.


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What complicates micro-cheating (other than that it can be hurtful to your partner) is that what constitutes micro-cheating can vary from relationship to relationship.

One example that was recently debated is whether saying “Sorry, I have a girlfriend” or “No, I have a girlfriend,” is the correct response when faced with a proposition from a stranger.

What does it mean if your partner hides their phone from you? Liking and commenting on someone else’s Instagram story? That’s micro-cheating, my friend.

Micro-cheating became a discussion on Filipino Twitter when influencer, Slater Young said during his podcast, 'Skypodcast', that it was “very very normal” for guys to send each other photos of random women to fantasize over. It's a “groupchat thing” that partners should not make a big deal out of.

The podcast which he shares with his wife, Kryz Uy has since been deleted after a wave of outrage from fans.

“All macro cheatings begin as micro cheatings,” tweets one user.

“Slater's mindset is actually considered micro-cheating. You don't go with the flow - for the bro code - if you respect your woman,” replies another fan about the podcast.

@mental.ninja Microcheating is a term used to describe a form of infidelity that involves small, subtle actions that may be considered dishonest or disloyal in a romantic relationship. Examples of microcheating can include actions such as secretly texting or messaging someone, frequently checking someone's social media profile, hiding things from a partner, or engaging in flirtatious behavior with someone other than one's partner. The term microcheating is somewhat controversial because what constitutes microcheating can vary depending on the relationship and the individuals involved. Some people may consider certain behaviors to be harmless, while others may see them as a breach of trust. Ultimately, whether an action is considered microcheating or not depends on the values and expectations of the individuals in the relationship. #relationshipadvice #relationshiptips #microcheating #infidelity #loveadvice #trustissues ♬ Techno - ØldLøstCat

We know the big no-nos that are definitely cheating: hooking up with someone that isn't your partner

While mico-cheating is in the eyes of your partner if you're liking thirst traps, you might want to stop.