Lily Collins asking what ontas means

Ontas? is essentially like saying "Netflix and Chill" or "U up?"in Spanish. Ontas is a literal contraction of the question "¿Dónde estás?" (Where are you?), but in practical usage, it's a way of asking for sex. 

Twitter user Monseruiz94 explaining that Ontas means 'where are you' in english

Reddit user inadaptado explaining the Ontas meme

According to Know Your Meme "ontas?" is currently trending because of a tweet from @DimeAlets where he DM'd Lily Collins (an English-American actress, and daughter of Phil Collins) on Instagram with the line "Ontas?" to which she responded, "What does 'ontas' mean?"

Since then "ontas?" has erupted into people DMing celebrities and friends "ontas?" as well as "Ontas?" memes , which largely (so far) are self-deprecating and complaining that no one is sending them "ontas?". 

Here are some examples of how "ontas?" is being used on Twitter

Ontas meme of Lisa Simpson crying with the text 'where's my ontas?'

Ontas meme from ooohmybryan on twitter with Family Guy's Lois Griffin putting on sexy leggings with the text 'ontas?'

Ontas Meme from dantesanchezflo of bart simpson banging a pot yelling 'ontas? ontas? ontas?'