We’ve been hearing for months now that A.I. is the future, but so much of it has been overwhelmingly negative: A.I. will replace all the jobs; A.I. will replace all music with A.I.-generated songs; A.I. will come to your house and steal your TV. But some brave Stanford University students dared to ask a very different question: What if A.I. could help you get dates?

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Bryan Hau-Ping Chiang, Varun Shenoy, Alix Cui and Adriano Hernandez, all students at Stanford, have developed “rizzGPT,” which is designed to “aid individuals during challenging conversations.” Put simply, it’s meant to help users by coming up with responses so you don’t have to, whether it’s on a date or in a job interview.

The product combines Monocle AR Glasses, Whisper, an automatic speech recognition A.I., and ChatGPT-4 to help you in real-time in real-world conversations. As your conversation partner speaks, the A.I. displays a suggested response on the inside of the Monocle (think of it as Cyrano de Bergerac for the A.I. inclined).

Scottish comedic genius Armando Iannucci, the mastermind behind Veep and The Death of Stalin, said of the product, “We put this in #Avenue5 as a scary joke. Now it’s real, and I’m scared and not laughing,” referring to his sci-fi comedy show that premiered on HBO in 2020.

The glasses aren’t the only futuristic product using A.I. to help people who lack rizz, however. There’s also Rizz! in the App Store. If you upload a screenshot of text, the app will suggest a response, or you can ask it to write an email, general message or pickup line in a range of tones — professional, persuasive, flirty, empathetic, explanatory or default.

When I asked the app for a professional pickup line, it suggested asking my co-worker, “Can I interest you in joining me for lunch?” Which was obviously anticlimactic. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure I could’ve come up with that one on my own. As one TikTok commenter joked, “Android users already got infinite rizz that’s why we don’t need the app.” But frankly, it doesn’t seem like anybody, anywhere, needs this app.

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