Earlier this week a video of a white woman going on a racially charged rant against two black women at an apartment complex went viral. 51-year-old Susan Jane Westwood, of Charlotte, can be quoted saying "I'm white, I'm beautiful, I'm hot." The two African-American women are clearly confused by the situation as whenever they question Susan's motives her response is usually some form of "I'm white and I'm hot."  You can check out the video here:

Well, the story gets even stranger, police last week issued a criminal summons for Susan accusing her of communicating threats and simple assault. The police plan to add further charges of misusing 911, after it had been discovered that she called the police claiming the two woman she harassed were faking car problems and going to break into apartments. However, when police attempted to serve the misdemeanor warrant to Westwood, she was nowhere to be found.

Police are on the lookout for Susan who, due to the incident, has been fired from her job and has not been seen at her apartment. Everyone on the internet is curious to see where she turns up.