At heart, humans really just like to watch other humans embarrass themselves, especially if it involves a physical injury of some kind, and these videos taking TikTok by storm are no exception.

Several videos have now gone viral on the platform showing men with an overinflated sense of their own abilities turn up at boxing or MMA gyms, challenging a seasoned fighter, and immediately getting their asses handed to them - these incidents are known as dojo storms. 

One video, posted by The Real Baffle and viewed over a million times, shows one such cocky man, wearing nothing but shorts that keeps falling down in the ring, and within 30 seconds, he’s taken down by his opponent. Bizarrely, as the caption of the video and many commenters point out, the winner proceeded to punch his opponent twice in the head despite the fight clearly being over. 

One commenter said, “That was personal. I don’t know the back story, but that was personal,” with another saying, “That’s how you lose your name and gym membership.” Ultimately, nobody came out of that fight looking great.

@ssbc.pgh An "Undefeated Street fighter" walked into the gym today looking to challenge someone in the gym. he signed a waiver, we strapped him up and let him have it. #AXERatioChallenge #pittsburgh #boxing #mma #Southside ♬ original sound - The Southside Boxing Club

Gyms themselves are leaning in to this kind of content, too, with Pittsburgh’s Southside Boxing Club sharing a video of an “undefeated street fighter” who walked into the gym looking for a challenge. “We obliged,” the gym wrote. The street fighter flails around a lot, not getting very many hits in, before time is called and he sits down to catch a breath and recover. As one astute commenter noted, “Dude fights like an inflatable advertisement at a car dealership”.

As one gym owner discovered, these self-described street fighters are often just dudes who like getting violent. Muhsin Corbbrey, who owns the Champions Training Center in Savannah, Georgia, shared a post about a guy who was “talking real reckless” and wanted to fight “whoever was at the gym”. The guy was incredibly cocky and rearing to go, but Corbbrey made him sign a waiver before promptly beating him up, choking him unconscious and telling him to get the f**k out of his gym.

As Corbbrey recently discovered, the man in question, who has over 27,000 followers on TikTok, was arrested in early April for aggravated sodomy and rape. His most recent TikTok, posted on the date of his arrest, was about how drinking Jameson makes him want to fight cops. Yes, really.