Feral Hogs - Tweet by William NcNabb about killing feral hogs running through his backyard

The Internet is a strange place. It seems like we say that here often. But even on a day like today, people are still able to find something, even if it's a strange something, to help them laugh. 

So why is Twitter joking about 30-50 Feral Hogs? Good question. After yesterday's double dose of American-made mass shootings, people took to Twitter to express their concern with assault weapons being so readily available to the American public.

Jason Isbell posted the above tweet asking why people need assault weapons and got maybe the best response in Twitter history. 

Now in William NcNabb's defense, he wasn't the only brainiac trying to dispel this evil liberal narrative that guns are the problem. Nope, epic science dude Neil Degrasse Tyson was doing himself some solid thinking too. 

It's times like these when all Americans must come together and ask the tough questions, to put aside our differences and ask, "how are we supposed to kill 30-50 feral hogs running through our backyards without an AK-47?"