The TikTik account @user9240288470452, also known on Instagram as @bootgirlsinbuckhead, is doing the lord’s work, offering their followers a boot removal service for the low price of $50.

The account is run by two women in ski masks from Atlanta, GA – who still have the auto-generated, anonymous name that TikTok gives when you first make an account – who are offering a much-needed service, (that is most certainly as illegal as it is helpful), clandestine boot removals.

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They both wear corduroy button-up shirts, with matching pants and balaclavas, one in hot pink, and the other black with white rhinestones. It’s honestly iconic. They also have hot pink business cards advertising their services.

A typical boot removal would cost you upwards of $300, so at $50 a pop, their asking price is not only cheap, it’s your best option and the people love it.

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@User4596845184816 said, “Now this is a small business I can see myself investing in.” @KeiiBee added her support as well and something we wouldn’t recommend saying, “imma get a boot just so I can support y’all.”

According to Atlanta News First, the Boot Girls of Buckhead explained “We don’t got no beef with the people that put the boots on the cars but we gonna take it off.” They get the boots off with a key that was purchased online. Thankfully, purchasing and using the key is not illegal, unless the boot is stolen or damaged.