A Miami-bound American Airlines flight has been canceled -- and not for any of the numerous reasons flights usually have to contend with these days either. American Airlines Flight 488 was reportedly canceled after a passenger rushed the cockpit, attacked and damaged the flight controls, and then, astonishingly, tried to exit the aircraft via the pilot-side window that sits a good twenty-plus feet over the tarmac -- as seen in this horribly-captured video clip showing the absolute madman in the heat of the moment. 

The flight, originally scheduled to depart for Miami from the Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, was delayed for over eight hours as the airline scrambled to replace the plane. 

It is unclear why the man chose to rush the open cockpit while coming aboard the craft, whether the act was pre-meditated just a very WTF "spur of the moment" kind of thing, but he is reportedly in the hands of local Honduran authorities. 

“We applaud our outstanding crew members for their professionalism in handling a difficult situation,” the statement said.

It's hard enough to get on a flight these days without crazy people rushing cockpits just to f**k it up for everybody like the kid who poops in the swimming pool. Over the holiday, a record 5000 flights were canceled with other airlines, like Lufthansa, recently admitting that they'd flown thousands of empty planes just to maintain their flight slots at airports. 

The world's crazy enough without adding to it.