Here's a recap of everything we missed while sleeping in and doing nothing all weekend!


Missing 'Van Life' blogger, Gabby Petito has been found in Wyoming. Police found remains matching the description of the missing woman.

An autopsy will be conducted this Tuesday the 21st. Gabby's fiancé, Brian has yet to be located.


Machine Gun Kelly once again decided to talk sh** about an artist far better than himself. Reminder that a few years back, MGK tried dissing Eminem. Eminem not so politely told him to take a seat.

This time MGK went after the band Slipknot, for "being 50 years old wearing a f***ing weird mask on a f***ing stage."

Needless to say, the joke did not land.

The Emmys aired on Sunday night. Seth Rogen and Conan O'Brien easily stole the show.

The bits and sketches were so unfunny that Conan took it upon himself to fix everything.

Never change, Conan. Never Change


Steelers' fans are in midseason form after the team's loss to the Raiders on Sunday.

I'm sure Jerome Bettis is proud.

In more NFL news, the league's 'taunting' penalties are already causing fans and players frustration. It's only a matter of time before one of these calls completely ruins an important game.

The Cardinals and Padres faced off on Saturday. But the real fight was in the Padres' dugout. Manny Machado got into it with teammate Fernando Tatis Jr. and thank god for Twitter, because this NSFW video is brilliant.